Aircraft & Special Project

Aircraft & Special Project

Alubridge (Alufase scaffolding)

The simple, cost - effective and safe solution for your Access requirements. Using just some standard components, the system is easy to install for the most demanding of locations.  Installation is quick and simple and thanks to the light weight,  you will save time and money in carrying and handling.

Ideal for:
Maintenance walkways, TV Sets, Construction sites, Roof access, Highways, Airports, Malls, Solar plants, Custom made catwalks, Suspended walkways, Pools, Theatre's, Stadiums, Factories, Power generation plants, Hospitals, Atriums...

Download: Alufase_assembly_instructions
Download: Alufase_cat_metric
Download: alufase cat Imp

Download: Train Maintenance
Download: Special Projects
Download: Aircraft Stands