Boilers and Industrial maintenance

The towers are manufactured in standard lengths of 1.12 m, 1.91 m, 2.50 m, and 3.05 m, and frame widths of 0.74 m (Single Width Version) and 1.35 m (Double Width Version) with a separation of 300 mm (Model 300) and 400 mm (Model 400) or 500 mm (Model 500) between braces that make up the vertical ladder to meet the needs of our customers worldwide. All of our frames have non-slip grooved tread brace-rungs.

There is a wide range of components and accessories that include stairs, different types of casters, adjustable legs, walk through frames, and stabilizers... We also want to provide the best service for spare parts at our factory where you can purchase a trap door latch or a simple baseboard and facilitate tools and systems for performing maintenance on the equipment, thus obtaining maximum performance.

Brochure: APM Boiler Scaffold

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